Friday, March 13, 2009

Things That I Call Dinner

I don't make much secret about the fact that I have terrible, awful, very bad food habits.

It's kinda like ... remember when you were a kid, and you wanted candy for dinner and your mom said that when you were adult you could have candy for dinner, but for now you had to have actual dinner? And how you thought that you would have candy for dinner all the time as an adult, but then you grew up and because you were oh so mature you ended up not eating candy for dinner?

Yeah, I eat candy for dinner.

I mean ... not exclusively. I've also had my share of healthy dinners too, but when I read that Michael Pollan wanted my food rules, I started thinking that it would be more amusing to write my anti-rules.

As I'm writing this, I had a dinner that consisted of: stir fry vegetables, one orange, one jam tart, and Starbursts.

Other things that I've had for dinner: hummus and chips, chips and salsa, spinach and apples (that meal drove my roommate crazy as I ate it every time I was trying to both diet and be healthy, and I'd eat the spinach and apples with nothing else, not even a bit of dressing.) Then there was the time when I ate s'mores for dinner for a week (we had gone to the beach the week before and had leftovers and I was trying not to waste my food. You can blame Crunchy for that.)

Several times in grad school, my dinners have consisted of a few pints of beer and a few shared packets of crisps at the local pub.

And there have been a myriad of times that I've gone without dinner at all, because I came home at 10pm at night and was too tired to even pour myself a bowl of cereal.

I'm sure Michael Pollan would not be pleased. But I also bet that he's eaten crisps for dinner at some point in time.


Anonymous said...

Yo, thanks for posting the link. I just left the comment, "Real food doesn't come packaged in plastic."

That's my propaganda.

I still eat a lot of crap nonetheless. You've seen yourself all the organic junk food I can buy from bulk bins.

Oh, and sometimes, when I'm tired and Michael hasn't cooked, I'll just have bread for dinner. Bread from the bakery without plastic. Still, that can't be right.

Mad Hatter said...

You are not the only one! Things I've had for dinner:


And I still fairly often have ramen for dinner. It's almost like I never left college....

Kelly S. said...
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Kelly S. said...

You're not alone...i've had:

cheese and crackers,
mac n cheese from the box,
french fries...

we all do it.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

S'mores for dinner for a week?! You are too funny. And you said crisps! Yay!

I'm not a fan of dessert or candy as dinner, but I've done chips and dips before. Or bizarre assortments of whatever's in the fridge, mixed with rice.

Green Resolutions said...

Argh. I've been horrible lately.

I had hummus and soda crackers for dinner last night. And may have the same for dinner tonight. Unless I can find the ingredients for s'mores!!!!!

ruchi said...

I have officially switched to the word "crisps." It's too confusing to say "chips."

I've also switched to "toilet" instead of restroom, and "pissed" instead of "drunk."

But I still say "ghetto" and make Waitrose employees crack up with said language. Oh and I also still say "dude" a lot.

Anonymous said...

After I have fed my little ones salmon, roasted organic veggies and brown rice, and tucked them neatly into their little beds.....I eat popcorn smothered in Gruyere. Mama's little secret.

Farmer's Daughter said...

When it's strawberry season, it's family tradition for us to eat one strawberry shortcake for supper. Fresh, local strawberries, homemade biscuit and real whipped cream.

Hey M.P., that's my food culture, a tradition started by my great-grandmother who lived to be 99 1/2! (Um, yeah, it was only once a year.)

EcoBurban said...

Hummus and chips is totally a meal! I often eat it for lunch! And shhhhh... don't tell my kids, but I don't pack myself carrot sticks!

Anonymous said...

This isn't too far off, but I sure do love some noodles with butter. What more complete and filling meal!

I am definitely on board with the popcorn and cheese/crackers suggestions too. Hello triscuits!

Cold cereal is a winner, nothing like some frosted mini-wheats for dinner.

But to get really down & dirty, there are those nights where I open the fridge and find Baskin Robbins chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. And have it for dinner.

Basically my rules are "remember to eat".

Anonymous said...

Ice cream. Popcorn. LOVE popcorn for dinner. Maybe with a nice cabernet.

I asked my daughter if she has a favorite family dinner. She said, "Banana splits." (We've only done it a couple of times ... but you know, fruit, carbs, protein, it's not so bad.)

And of course, nachos. With my classic caveat, "It's not HEALTHY, but it's NUTRITIOUS."

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I just had popcorn for lunch, so I'm in the club. But at least it was made on the stove with little waste because that's how I like it.

during my single years I used to eat a pint of ice cream that counted as lunch and dinenr. It was from an Ohio dairy so as much as I'd like to claim, "oh blah blah blah low food miles" I'd be kidding myself. I just really like their ice cream. Can't do that now because I get THE LOOK from my Husband, the long distance runner who's all about healthy eating habits. :)

Jenna said...

Found your site by way of Fake Plastic Fish and have to say this is heading to the top of the bookmark list!

Bad dinner plans?

I take a page out of my grandmother's book - whole wheat bread, torn into soldiers, with ovaltine poured over and eaten from a bowl while reading something trashy.

Hey - most of my family lives well into their late 90's early 100's so they have something right going on!

Sam said...

I meant to post a response but forgot...

During 1999-2000 I got very involved with computer programming and so anything that took me away from it was time wasted. I ate this for dinner practically every single night:

1 can orange soda (like Fanta)
1 bag of M&M peanuts (plain not peanut variety)
1 bag of sweet and sour potato chips

I had one other meal during the day that was my brunch and was one chicken cheese steak with everything on it and one can of sprite.

I'm sure I caused permanent damage to my arteries because of this.