Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Science Book Challenge

I think I'm going to wade into the challengicious waters again and take on the Science Book Challenge. It helps that this is a pretty easy challenge for me, what with the being in school and all. 

I haven't decided on all my books yet, so I'm happy to take recommendations from people. The theme is "nature's wonders." The first book I'm going to review for this is Uncertainty on a Himalayan Scale, which, is uh, academic as hell, and yet awesome. For example, the book goes into a little discussion on how you define "forest." Yeah, I know, I know, forest is like porn, we know it when we see it, but really, if you think about it, how do you define it? Tricky huh?

I can't find it at this moment, but the UN definition of "forest" is absolutely hilarious in its specificity of area, tree height, etc. Seriously, in the words of the immortal Karen Walker, "It's funny cuz it's sad."


Joyce said...

Can't wait to see what you read, and see your reviews. As yu probably know, I'm doing this challenge too, but it will have to be "science light" for me, I'm afraid, as I spent much more time in the music wing in high school than I did up in the science labs. Still, it's always good to put a new wrinkle in my brain, to keep up with the ones on my face.

Anonymous said...

I have a very popular and fun book that is AWESOME.

The Natural History of Water, by Alice Outwater. It includes things like why buffalo & beaver populations are good for the water table (yeah, it's about North America) and why you should never, ever, ever, ever flush the plastic applicator from a tampon. Not that anyone here would do that, but it's an awesome chapter about water treatment plants.

Also my son just got a popup book called "The History of Everything" that has a popup page of the Big Bang. I want to buy every kid we know a copy ;)

Natalie said...

Holy crap! I quote that little Karen Walker-ism all the time too.

Oh, how I do miss having time to keep up with all my favorite blogs... Hope all is well in Arduous Land.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Ruchi! We're glad to have you take the challenge, and I don't care in the least that you might find it an easy challenge. Book Notes help others find books they can profitably read and enjoy, and that's very valuable.

May I add your name to the list of challengers? I'd like to think it encourages others. Use the link to the "comment form" at the challenge page to be in touch.