Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is The End My Friend

Hello all. I just wanted to check in here and let you know that I've decided to close up shop here. 

It's been an amazing ride for me. Because of this blog, I've done so many things I never thought I'd do. I've met some amazing people through this blog, and made some great friendships. I even ended up getting a job because of this blog!

But as you all could probably tell, I kind of burnt out talking about environmental matters all the time. I didn't have much more to say about it, and I felt like when I did write something, it was often haphazard and not very well thought out.

So I decided to stop blogging here though the archives will be available indefinitely (at least until Blogger decides to purge them all.) 

But! I'm not entirely gone from the interwebs! I may not blog about environmental matters, but I will be blogging about ... stuff? I haven't really figured out what ... on my new fancy schmancy personal blog.

Basically, it will be a space for me to talk about whatever is going on in my life or anything I'm currently thinking about. I can't promise that it won't be a lot of wedding talk, but the good news is that I'm getting married in November, so it won't be about wedding talk for too long. 

So, if you're interested, come check me out there. And if not, well, we'll always have the memories (and archives.)


hgg said...

Thanks for all the great blogging you've done here! And thanks for not disappearing entirely from blogging.

Tracy Yates said...

I'm going to miss Arduous. I've been following since the beginning, when your profile simply read "I'm difficult." That alone still makes me happy. All the best with the next. :)

Green Bean said...

XO, Ruchi! It was a great ride.

sohel rana said...

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Anonymous said...

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